Quality & Originality

Nuremberg's Old Town offers many unique traditional businesses, but the Jury only awards the distinction of “Master Trader” to those whose quality and originality are convincing. More information here!

Barbara Weinberger Jewellery studio

Barbara Weinberger Jewellery studio

The gold and silversmith Barbara Weinberger has worked in her shop/workshop in the heart of Nuremberg's Old Town since 1996. More information here!

Chesi Knife Sharpener

Chesi Knife Sharpener

Nuremberg is famous worldwide for its traditional artisan crafts. One of Germany’s few remaining original master cutlers still sharpens knives at the Chesi knife sharpeners in the centre of the Old Town. More information here!



delikatEssen is a deli shop with a choice selection of products for discerning customers, and is regarded as a stylish meeting point for enthusiastic cooks and connoisseurs as well as for professional cooks. More information here!

The Mustard Shop

The Mustard Shop

The first mustard shop of this kind in Southern Germany is one of Nuremberg’s attractions. The products you can find here make gourmet hearts beat faster, because more than 30 kinds of mustard are produced here according to their own recipes. More information here!

evers florales design

evers floral design

evers floral design creates seasonal arrangements of flowers and plants, and here even small items like a floral present are very impressive. More information here!

fenestra Glass design

fenestra Glass design

Of course the Nuremberg Master Traders also cannot do without a specialist shop for high-quality glass items such as bowls, lamps, pictures, jewellery and architectural glazing. More information here!

Gebr. Fraunholz Elisenlebküchnerei

Gebr. Fraunholz Elisenlebküchnerei Gingerbread bakers

For more than 100 years the traditional third generation business “Gebr. Fraunholz Elisenlebküchnerei” in Nuremberg has produced original Elisenlebkuchen gingerbread that is simply irresistible. More information here!

Graf-Jurowski Lingerie & Underwear

Graf Jurowski Lingerie & Underwear

The Graf Jurowski specialist shop in Nuremberg offers a comprehensive range of high-quality ladies’ and gentlemen’s lingerie, underwear and swimwear More information here!

Harald Lehmeier – Men’s outfitters

Harald Lehmeier – Men’s outfitters

Harald Lehmeier has run his menswear business for more than 35 years with passion, understanding and a flair for fine fabrics. An exclusive range with many fairly priced top Italian labels awaits you. More information here!

Altstadthof Microbrewery

With its Nuremberg speciality beers, Aldstadthof Microbrewery is one of the most popular producers in the region. More information here!

Mr. Brömme & the valiant little tailor

Fedoras, Panama hats, cloth hats, caps, fur caps and much more: for over 135 years customers visiting Brömme Hats at the Laufer Schlagturm have found everything on the subject of headwear from their own manufacture. More information here!

Juwelierkunst von Paul

A diamond must be experienced. Its sparkle is inimitably seductive. As if it had captured a ray of sunlight in a bygone era, that has been revitalized with the perfect cut and polish. More information here!

neef confiserie café

neef confiserie café

The confiserie neef café in Nuremberg has tempted its customers for more than 40 years with the most delicious pastry and confectionery art – hand-made from fresh products. More information here!


As soon as you step into the “Perlenmarkt” you will be fascinated by the unbelievably large selection of pearls, precious stones and buttons. Customers can assemble and manufacture all the jewellery components themselves. More information here!

Robert Lucha Jewellery

Robert Lucha Jewellery

For more than 21 years the goldsmith Robert Lucha has given his customers good advice, gladly and above all with heart and mind. He is well known for high quality designer items produced exclusively by him. More information here!

Tolle Wolle

If you want a „really good yarn“, pop into the most colourful and beautiful specialist shop in Nuremberg. More information here!



10.00 am

Start your day in complete relaxation with a breakfast coffee at the neef confiserie café. Enjoy a delicious slice of the Neef family‘s famous Italian fruit cake or another masterfully produced pastry with your beverage. In the immediate vicinity, the Perlenmarkt bead shop, the specialist yarn shop Tolle Wolle, Schönheiten drapery boutique and the delikatEssen all invite you  to come in and explore the Weinmarkt.

11.30 am

Next, wander towards the Tiergärtnertor and, once you have passed the house of the famous Albrecht-Dürer, allow time to stop off at the Altstadthof microbrewery to refresh yourself with a traditional local beer.Allow yourself to be amazed by the more than 30 kinds of housemade mustard in the Senfladen.

Don‘t miss the opportunity to visit the small gingerbread bakery steeped in tradition, Gebr. Fraunholz Elisenlebküchnerei, along Oberen Schmiedgasse and Bergstrasse.

1.00 pm

St. Sebald‘s church is always worth a visit. From here, continue to the Rathausplatz, where you can meet goldsmith Robert Lucha in the Schmucksachen boutique and perhaps purchase one of his exclusively created designer pieces. From here, the mediaeval dungeons are just a few steps away (20 minute guided tour).

Along Innere Laufer Gasse you can drop by Mr. Brömme & the valiant little tailor unique hat shop with its own hat museum – well worth a visit even if hats aren’t generally your thing!

2.30 pm

Your next stop is the Chesi Messerschleiferei on Bindergasse. Wander back along Innere Laufer Gasse and continue along Theresienstrasse to find master cutler Paolo Chesi, who would be happy to advise you on his sharp range of knives. After that, the Atelier für Schmuck is just two streets over on Tucherstrasse, where gold and silversmith Barbara Weinberger will welcome you with bright jewelry ideas.

Flowers bloom along the next stretch of your route! Visit Spitalgasse and enjoy a floral and creative oasis at evers florales design.

4.00 pm

After all this, it’s just a few more steps to the renowned Nuremberg Hauptmarkt! Here the Frauenkirche and the famous Schönen Brunnen fountain greet you. Turn the inwrought ring, but make sure it‘s the right one – black for Nurembergers and gold for tourists – and you’ll be granted three wishes. Carry on along Winklerstrasse towards Pegnitz, and check out the top labels that await at Harald Lehmeier – Men's Outfitters.

4.30 pm

Where the romantic Henkersteg and idyllic Trödelmarkt come together, you will discover artisanal, high-quality glass products such as dishes, lights, pictures and jewelry at fenestra Glass Design. In Kaiserstrasse, Juwelierkunst von Paul invites you to explore diamond, platinum and gold jewelry. The exclusive “Unique Pieces from Paul” hold special appeal.

5.00 pm

From here it’s only a skip and a jump to Graf Jurowski Lingerie & Underwear. Enjoy custom advice to choose just the right undergarment for that special outfit.

The Nuremberg Masters wish you great fun and a wonderful day in our beautiful Old Town!

Of course the timings may vary depending on how long you stay in a shop or at a point of interest. So please also pay attention to the individual shop opening hours, and above all to any possible closing days.